After 6 great years, it's time to move on. Thanks to all the awesome artists who provided content for this station! While real:time is no longer broadcasting, band links will contintue to be updated. If you want your band link included below, send an e-mail.
Artist Label Artist Label
60Channels LotusTribe
AlienLogik lumious
Bizarra Boomnote M.J. Project
Blend shadow Mainframe Platonic
B.N. Loco Master Mosquito bastard jazz
Bushnell Mike Jedlicka optic echo
Canton citrona Modus Collective
cargo cult Monta citrona
Contant Flux MoSys
Cordovan citrona Mr. Soon
cling Mujaji shadow
Cranes instinct MUNKIE sunshine music
Cult with no Name Palyria
dashes Parisienne
doctor echo pur-1
the down syndrome radium 88 lotek recordings
DRM bastard jazz RealKuhl
dub exorcist Reclining Buddha
the Dustmite Resin8
electric salmon Ricci Ruker & Mike Boo sound in color
the emjays Ryukyu Underground
exitmusique Rusuden
Etienne Gauthier Sanchez Dub
Filewile Saru shadow
First Floor Brothers citrona See-I
GB sound in color Spooky Monkey bastard jazz
Greg Long Rosco
High Alert Status Ryukyu Underground
Hybrid Device shadow Shmack
John Bowley Slow Wire Dub
Josh One the Sound Providers
Jugoe bastard jazz sound theatre mushin
Julian Brody Subthunk
kenshirosahn Sunyata
khromozomes Surface 10
kmotiv Travel Ensemble
koi lax recordings u-point
Kush Waiwan lax recordings
LeonardDstroy watts
Light 4 Lines lax recordings Noel Zancanella
Greg Long citrona
Last Soul Descendents